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Charlotte, a Disabled Canine, Gets a New Home

Sweet Potato, the handicapped dog, has very little use of her back legs owing to a spinal injury, according to the Humane Society of Charlotte. Sweet Potato now romps around in her very own customized wheelchair as a result of her injuries.

Sweet Potato’s captivating grin and enthusiasm, according to the humane organization, lead her to the ideal adoptive family.

Sweet Potato got her new ‘wheels’ in August and hasn’t moved slowly since then!

“Gunnar’s wheels give us a great debt of gratitude! Sweet Potato’s wheels arrived, and they’re pink! This morning, our darling daughter tried on her chair and immediately took off! She’ll be traveling like a pro with a little more practice “On Facebook, the Humane Society stated.

Sweet Potato was adopted just a month after obtaining her new wheelchair! Best wishes in your new house!

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