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Mom Found Cat Lost 536 Days And Reunited In Merry And Cheer

Cat was taken home by Mindy and Luke Criner with his shyness after being acquired from the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Virginia.

He usually prefers to watch his siblings play while standing on the side rather than being ignorant. Criner understood that this did not negate Cat’s demand for attention.

Credit: Cats On Catnip

The sooner Cat realized this, the less he had to disguise his feelings. When his mother brought a newborn home, Cat transformed into a loving though watchful brother.

But on that particular day, Cat didn’t come back from his romp across the backyard, making it unlike any other day. Criner tried to call, but there was no evidence of Cat answering.

Credit: Cats On Catnip

Criner frenetically reached help at the Lost & Found Pets – Hampton Roads. The organization got her appeal spread all over social media and everything they could do with the couple to find Cat. The Criners started their quest going all lengths, leaving no stone unturned. They put up posters, leaking Cat’s scent in the litter box, and searching for him every single night around the neighborhood.

Credit: Cats On Catnip

When days turned to a year, the couple went out of their hope but not the pain of losing Cat. The couple kept counting the day Cat was missing. On the 536th day, Criner received a call saying someone found Cat.

Credit: Cats On Catnip

The man keeping Cat reported that he had been feeding him for a year. But then a car accident happened to Cat, putting him into a clinic where he was scanned for a microchip and discovered to be missing Cat.

Credit: Cats On Catnip

Cat was on the porch when Criner arrived at the man’s home. When Cat first spotted Criner, he immediately jumped up onto her body and purred. To “reclaim” his rightful owner, Cat then gave Criner the largest head-rub he could muster.

Credit: Cats On Catnip

Now Cat is back in his loving home, gaining even more affection and cuddling from his parents and siblings.

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