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Someone Unexpected Is Found Hiding In a Passenger’s Luggage by Airport Security

Security staff working the TSA line at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York were given quite a shock last week after discovering some unusual content inside a passenger’s checked baggage.

Screeners noticed an odd, cat-shaped object on the X-ray machine.

Turns out, it was cat-shaped for a reason.


Upon closer inspection, more signs began to point toward the surprising truth.

There really was a cat in the bag.


Fortunately, the cat was alive and well, curled up within the hard-shelled case. But the incident certainly raised some questions — like, how did the cat come to be there in the first place?

The owner of the bag was brought in for questioning.


Evidently, everything was just a huge error. A error the cat made on its own.

“I was present when this occurred on my airline. The unfortunate man DID NOT do this on intentionally, a person with knowledge of the incident tweeted. He was visiting a friend when his amiable cat hopped into his baggage, and he was completely unaware of what had transpired.

The stowaway cat was described as “unfazed” by the source in a later tweet:

Fortunately, the cat had been found in time, avoiding what would have been a long and unpleasant journey within the luggage hold of an airplane.

Instead, he’s back where he belongs — as a TSA spokesperson reports:

“The cat’s out of the bag and safely back home.”

And just in time for Thanksgiving.

Given this happy ending, the sneaky cat has plenty to be thankful for.

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