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  A Wildlife Artist Captures Two Birds Duckling and Owl Staying Together In A Nesting Box

Friendship is a wonderful thing to have. Two creatures from different species can get along swimmingly. It’s not unusual to see a dog befriend a cat. But is it natural for an owl and a duckling to become a couple? This is a true story. Laurie Carver-Estes, a wildlife artist, captured this unusual image. In a nesting box on the tree, an owl and a duckling were spotted sitting together. When Laurie Carver-Estes, a wildlife artist from Jupiter, Florida, was out in her garden, she noticed this.

Credit: Laurie Carver-Estes

Laurie had a hard time believing what she was seeing at first. She, on the other hand, quickly got out her camera and snapped a photo. It may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What a strange couple!

The video may be seen here.

People are confused on how a young duck and an owl could share a nest. Laurie believes the duckling was born by the owl after a female duck placed her egg in the nesting box. She and her family had observed a female Wood Duck relocate a stolen duck egg to this box a few weeks ago.

Credit: Laurie Carver-Estes

The duckling came from the box a few minutes later, landed on the grass, and started to walk to the neighboring pond. Laurie thinks the duckling has found its way back to its parents. She also stated that the photograph of the owl and duckling in the birdhouse was one of the most unusual she had ever seen.

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