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As Soon as Kitten Spots a Baby Deer At The Front Door, She Can’t Contain Her Excitement

It’s always fun to witness two different species communicate, and it’s much more fun when one of the species is a cat! So, check out this adorable video of a young cat and a newborn deer meeting for the first time. The cat’s response is priceless, so we couldn’t get enough of the video.

Watch the adorable video below!

Miro, a young cat, was surprised and couldn’t contain her enthusiasm when she saw a deer hanging around on her doorstep. The newborn deer, on the other hand, looked at Miro as if he didn’t exist. As a result, the cat decided to do something to attract the attention of the deer. It was really lovely and adorable.

Credit: WeLoveCats

Miro was charmed with the deer and poured love kisses on it. We feel she will go to great lengths to get some attention. The deer, however, was a youngster, less than 48 hours old, and as a result of its immaturity and inherent defense systems, it was unable to move and respond to Miro.

Credit: WeLoveCats

Many people assume that abandoned fawns are left, however the deer’s mother returned shortly after this video was recorded, and he was happily reunited with his mother.

Credit: WeLoveCats

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Credit: WeLoveCats

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