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Mama Goose Takes Care Of Her 47 Babies

Mike Digout was very fascinated by a mother goose taking care of her babies. He saw them while having a walk along the Saskatchewan riverbank near his home in Saskatoon.

He had his camera with himself that day. So he decided to record them.

“I was out every night walking on the riverbank looking for beavers and, of course, there was a lot of geese activity as they were coming from the south and looking for a place to nest,” Digout told The Dodo. “It got to be quite entertaining to watch the geese fighting over places to nest and protecting their nests.”

Mike one night saw mama goose and her 16 babies.

“I was stunned that this mom had 16 babies, so I started going back every night looking for this mom and her goslings,” Digout said. “And every day it seemed like she had a bigger group.”

So the next day he spotted 30 babies, until he discovered the real number of mama’s mates. They are 47 babies.

“She seems like such a patient mom”, he said.

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