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What A Hero! 15-Year-Old Girl Saves Three Squirrels Who Lost Their Mom During Hurricane

Bailee Villavaso is a 15-year-old cute girl. She and her family were evacuated after Hurricane Ida struck New Orleans.

But Bailee did something really cool. She saved three baby squirrels but their mom was nowhere to be found.
When she saw the three orphaned squirrels, immediately ran home and got a box and a towel.

“I dried off the squirrels with the towel and put them in the box with bedding,” Villavaso told The Dodo. “The squirrels were extremely lethargic, and huddled up to stay warm.”

After saving them, the 15 year old girl sent the babies at the vet. They were hungry!

She really felt in love with them and became the squirrels’ adoptive mom. Baillee named them Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

They are safe now! And happy!

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