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Man Demonstrates That Farm Animals Are More Than Just Food They Are Intellectual And Social Beings

Animals are sensitive, emotional animals with distinct personalities, and we’re not just talking about pets here; we’re talking about anybody who wants to know what it’s like to have a happy life, including those we consider food. As a result, this guy demonstrates to everyone that farm animals are more than just food.

Joar Berge, often known as “The Cow Whisperer” or “Mustache Farmer,” is prepared to demonstrate that these creatures are full of love. All farm animals, in his opinion, are magnificent, clever, loving creatures that, most importantly, make excellent companions.


Not to forget that they require a suitable living space, but their primary goal is to demonstrate that these creatures are not food.

Animal sensitivity is demonstrated by man.


The farmer wants everyone to understand how unique these creatures are and to be more careful of what they consume.

According to Bored Panda, Joar says:

“Saving an animal does not alter the world; but, it does change the world for this animal.”


The man grew up in a small town in Germany’s Odenwald, where he spent his whole life surrounded by farm animals. Joar lived around goats, chickens, geese, ducks, and even ostriches at the time, but his best buddy was a cow named Rexi.

Joar adopted the cow when it was a calf, and the two formed a particular relationship. They spent their days walking around the farm together. She was so sure of herself that Joar would sometimes ride her for walks without even being taught.


His passion for animals, on the other hand, seems to intuitively touch the hearts of Rexi and the other creatures. Rexi had to go one day, as is customary on a dairy farm; Joar was still too young and didn’t understand some things, so he couldn’t save her.


Joar’s interests changed as he grew older, and he wanted to relocate to the city in order to live a more urban lifestyle. Despite a variety of experiences, he maintained a particular bond with cows and environment throughout his life.

He knew in his heart that at some time in his life he would have a lot of cows and save a lot of animals, and that desire grew quickly.


Joar had this to say:

“It became obvious to me at some point that it was time to begin the trip back to my roots. As a result, I returned to my former home and promptly rescued Emma and Dagi, two young calves.

From that point on, the farmer looks forward to spending his days with his animals and seeing what it’s like to live in the heart of nature.


Man spends a lot of time with his cows, training, caring for, and even playing with them; he has evolved into a father figure for all animals.

Simply expressed, Joar wants to demonstrate to the public that farm animals are just as caring and lovely as our companion animals, and that they, too, are deserving of care.

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